DogportraitJean sent us this great photo of Dogs”.  We had to ask how in the world she managed to take this photo & responded with this great story:

“Last summer, when the Lassie movie with Peter O’Toole came out, I was invited to a special screening of the film in Chicago. They promised a visit by Lassie, and of course I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see her (well, him).”
“After the film, Lassie left her white limousine and came trotting to the
stage for photos and a few tricks. We were able to come up and meet her, and as I was waiting in line, I showed one of Lassie’s trainers a copy of this photo.

The trainer, mind you Lassie’s trainer, asked me the same question. He asked how in the world I made my Shelties pose that way, and that it would be impossible to get Lassie to do something like that.”
“So I have to draw the only conclusion possible: my dogs are MUCH better than Lassie.”