Naiche & Naruto both brothers,watching me while I zip my suitcase for Holiday travel.

Broke my heart!!

It’s breaking ours too, DK!

If they’re not leaving toys scattered everywhere, they’re putting cheerios in the VCR.  (OK, maybe only the human does that…Damian probably eats what Landon drops!)  I wonder what mischievous adventure those two ruffians are up to now?

Oh boy, double trouble,  Tiffany!

“So-called ‘puppydog eyes’ don’t exist!” you say?

We then present Faolan – irresistible proof!

Thanks to Lauren!

Chance says: ” I know you need to work for a living, but are you done working on that laptop yet?”

Hugs to you Gloria for adopting him.

(I just don’t understand how anyone could abandon a face like that!)