Tommy was born in 2005 and is the product of breeding two Blue Merle Shelties; which is a very bad combination. Because of the genetic lottery that comes from such breeding, Tommy was born blind and deaf…and very, very white.  His left eye can detect light and some motion very close to his face, but nothing else.

In his short life, this incredibly sweet and loving boy has already had several homes.  A wonderful woman in San Diego became aware of Tommy when his family realized they were not able to give him the attention that he deserved. This great friend of Sheltie Rescue retrieved Tommy and kept him for several days until Sheltie Rescue of Utah was able to arrange his flight.

Tommy arrived by plane from California and contrary to expectations, did not arrive a frightened dog.  He walked out of his create with his head held up high and his ears forward, clearly saying “OK, world, I’m here! Now what do we do?”  It was immediately clear that Tommy has no idea that he’s disadvantaged in any way whatsoever!

In only a few hours, his foster family fell totally in love with this guy.  He might be blind and deaf, but he is not disabled! Not by a long shot.  He’s fearless and loves to meet new people and explore new surroundings.  He has a nose like a bloodhound and actually “sees” his world through scent.

He readily goes up and down the stairs, plays with other dogs and sometimes with toys.  He loves to cuddle and can be quite demanding when dinner is a little late!  He barks like dogs with sight and hearing, but he also makes extremely cute “chirping” noises when he’s talking to himself or asking somebody to give him a pat.

Tommy gets along very well with others and could have a fantastic career as a Therapy Dog.  Just imagine the inspiration he could be to children and adults who have been injured, are very ill or are disabled!

Tommy even has a skill…he knows how to pull a cart!  Generous friends got together to donate training, a custom-made harness & a cart for Tommy to use.  In mid-2010, Tommy participated along with five other Shelties (all with normal sight and hearing) in a carting demonstration at the ASSA National Specialty show in Tucson, AZ!  Needless to say, he was a major hit!

Sheltie Rescue of UT has had many wonderful people contact them about adopting Tommy, but he needs a family that will be around him most of the day and night.  It is important that there are enough people and activity in his day to stimulate him physically since he doesn’t receive the same stimulation that other dogs get through their ears and eyes.

Tommy is a wonderful representative of Shelties in general, rescue Shelties in particular, and especially carting Shelties.  He is a wonderful, intelligent, and gorgeous boy who wants nothing more than to have somebody to love and to be loved.

Think you might be his special person?  Contact Sheltie Rescue of UT for more information & to learn more about the rescue, visit the blog.

Exhibit A: Sheltie Nation member Mike reports: “Tommy looks miserable, yes. But he was actually having fun. He has a hard enough drive for agility that the rain is not a factor for him.”Thanks for confirming our “unbiased” opinion, Mike!  ;)