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Raise your paw?

By |November 12, 2021|Categories: Shelties|

As many of you have noticed, Sheltie Nation posts have fallen off. I've been able to keep up with daily posts for well over 15 years - until now. It's time for me to ask for help. I'm hoping one of you Sheltie lovers has experience with Photoshop and Wordpress but also has a great sense of humor/creative side. If you have that background and would like to contribute some witty posts, drop me a note at [email protected]!

WOW! I won?!

By |June 29, 2020|Categories: Shelties|

This is Tully receiving her first prize certificate and brooch for winning one of the categories in the NSW Shetland Sheepdog Virtual Show 2020. As you can see, she was very surprised! The show was held to fundraise for the Australian Shetland Sheepdog Nationals in Sydney in 2021. A novel way to deal with the cancellation of all dog shows, competitions and training in Australia due to Covid19. There were 713 entries and if people would like to see images of lots of lovely Australian Shelties a photo catalogue of all the entries (except videos) is here. The videos of [...]

Gavin: A Case of Mistaken Identity

By |June 18, 2020|Categories: Shelties|

This little girl wrapped her arms around Gavin's neck and held him close. Here's why: She thought he was her new puppy, miraculously delivered nine months early.Gavin and I stopped by one of his reader's homes to award a student a certificate for reading to him so regularly at school in 2019-2020.When we arrived, I sat Gavin on the porch right in front of the glassfront door, rang the bell, and walked down the steps to the sidewalk, to socially distance. A young sibling trotted into the hall, saw Gavin sitting at the door, stopped short, and then screamed with [...]

Sit! Now… POSE!

By |September 18, 2018|Categories: Shelties|

Dog owner reveals the secret to getting her seven pet pooches to line up for stunning photographs Kaylee Robertson has six Shetland Sheepdogs and an Alaskan Klee Kai who are like 'models' Her clever pooches have been taught to stand still together while she takes pictures of them Some of the adorable canines have been posing for pictures since they were four weeks old By Phoebe Southworth For Mailonline These are the stunning pictures of seven adorable dogs - which could be the most obedient pooches in Scotland. Kaylee Robertson has six Shetland Sheepdogs and one Alaskan Klee Kai which [...]

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