Doesn’t Joey look like a little Sheltie Gnome?
Joey He looks like he enjoys the walks Cheryl!

Joey was found in a dumpster in Springfield, MO with a recently amputated front leg.  A good Samaritan heard him crying in his apartment building dumpster and rescued him.  He was taken to the Springfield shelter. The little guy was only 5 months old and just seconds away from being euthanized at the shelter because he wasn’t a “whole dog”.  Thank goodness one of the workers contacted Second Chance Sheltie Rescue and they were able to save him.

He was scared to death of everything and had a lot of fear issues, but rescue helped him work through them. He is now living in a great home in WI, has 5 Sheltie siblings and a herd of miniature sheep just for him!

Joey has now even inspired his forever parents to volunteer with Sheltie Rescue in their state!

Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story & fun costume with Sheltie Nation Janice (& Joey’s parents!)

Joey (the Bernese Mountain Dog) & Morgan look like they are thinking Bonnie is “the crazy little Sheltie”They just don’t understand, Perri!  ;)

So Sheltie Nation, do your summer cookouts look something like this?

Hope your guests like Shelties! Hotdog1
Joe and the pups: Tobie, Ryker, Autumn, Joey, Sly, Sundae, Huggie & Bonnie.

Thanks to Lisa for this great shot!